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Do you think Pharmacies should sell medicines without a doctor’s prescriptions?

Thursday, October 7
Prescription drugs may be dangerous for our health. Pharmacies have various pills with similar features but the pharmacists offer us those which are more expensive rather than better in quality. I do actually welcome the initiative of the Healthcare Minister who has started working on the control of the misuse of pills.”
Lali, Doctor, 45

“I think some medicines which aren’t for everyday use, like pills against headache, ’flu, etc. shouldn’t be sold without a doctor’s prescription. That way there'll be fewer risks and patients will be safer from any possible danger.”
Sopho, Journalist, 22

“I think prescriptions are necessary to ensure the safety of patients and avoid violations of consumers’ rights.
David, Translator, 28

“On the one hand I welcome the initiative of establishing sanctions against selling medicines without a prescription but on the other it takes so much time to wait for a doctor’s visit to ask for a prescription that I hope our Government will just simplify the relevant procedures concerning this issue.”
Laura, Pensioner, 65

“In any normal country most medicines are only sold with doctor’s prescription. I think the same rule should apply to Georgia as well. Maybe it will make things a bit more complicated for the population; however their health will be safer in my opinion.”
Nata, Student, 19

“I am not very happy of this initiative, because I will have to visit a doctor and pay additional money in order to get a prescription. I know what kind of medicines I need and I don’t really want to see a doctor every time I need to buy one.”
Natela, Housewife, 67

“It should become illegal. God only knows what kind of medicines the pharmacies offer to the customers. Mostly they have deals with the pharmaceutical companies and are trying to sell the products produced by that specific company regardless if the medicines are of good quality or not. This should be over in our country for good.”
Lia, Shop assistant, 34