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Georgian Azeri confederation: Azeri position

By Messenger Staff
Friday, October 8
Elkhan Polukhanov, head of the Azeri foreign ministry press service has said there is no issue of creating a confederation between Azerbaijan and Georgia. Political analyst Vafa Guluzade however thinks that a confederation between the two countries already exists as the energy systems are closely interconnected, as well as the railway network, GUAM membership and others. Armenian political analyst Sergey Minasian thinks that an Azeri – Georgian confederation is unrealistic and is linked to Saakashvili’s attempt to escape the political isolation – a consequence of the August 2008 war. President Saakashvili talked about this possibility in July but since then there has been no further mention of the confederation idea. In addition during his visit to Yerevan foreign minister Grigol Vashadze said that these words should have been taken figuratively, as Georgian-Azeri relations are more than a strategic partnership. According to Vashadze Georgia is not going to form any kind of confederation with any country.