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What was the most important point of Hilary Clinton’s speech in your opinion?

Friday, October 8
“Her call on Russia to withdraw its troops from Abkhazia and South Ossetia was the most important point in my opinion. It is very important that this demand is reiterated by all world leaders, to make Russia fulfill its commitments at last.”
Maka, Lawyer, 30

“I think the fact that she spoke so broadly about Georgia is already a very important message for the world. We are a small nation but I was full of pride to hear her talking so positively about us yesterday.”
Inga, Accountant, 43

“It was very important that she spoke about the presidential and the parliamentary elections. I hope that the authorities will take her advice into account and will avoid rigging the elections. Otherwise they will definitely lose the support they get from the US. This is obvious.”
Nika, Unemployed, 26

Well, she has repeated what the American side has said since August of 2008. It is well known to everyone, that the United States supports the territorial integrity of Georgia, however only making supportive statements is not enough, US should undertake more encouragement in diplomatic direction towards Georgia.
Gia, Engineer, 41

I think that the United State has become more supportive of Georgia lately, I mean under Obama’s leadership. I do not understand political issues well; however I think that it is obvious. I cannot explain the reason for this, but it is useful for the country.
Nia, Painter, 28

I think that most important was the statement that the US supports Georgia’s participation in NATO. I think that such statements from such a powerful country as the United States will have some influence on NATO’s decision concerning Georgia.
Davit, Sociologist, 34