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Monday, October 11
Tougher rules against Cyber Crime

From October 8, tougher legislation against cyber crime will come into force, 24 hours reports.

According to the law, both people and legal entities can also be found liable for such crimes and conviction may result in liquidation, withdrawal of license, fines or seizure of property.

Entering an electronic system without permission by cracking passwords or other means will be considered a criminal offence. According to the law it is prohibited to produce a computer programme to enter computer systems in order to obtain private information illegally.

The law stipulates up to 3-years imprisonment for the crime of illegal use and dissemination of computer data obtained illegally.

Public Lecture for IDP schoolchildren

First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Koka Sepherteladze and Director of NATO Information Centre Tengo Gogotishvili met with student refugees of the Tserovani public school on October 8, 24 hours reports. Sepherteladze and Gogotishvili gave a lecture on NATO to the refugee schoolchildren.

Gogotishvili told the schoolchildren about the history and importance of the North Atlantic Alliance, NATO’S aims and its aspirations.

“Integration into NATO is a top priority for Georgia. Informing the young people about NATO is very important. Meetings where I share information on NATO with the school children who witnessed war, have a double meaning,” noted Koka Sepherteladze.

Representatives of the NATO Information Centre gave the children of Tserovani Public School materials on NATO. The children also received lesson timetables with the NATO emblem.