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What are your hopes for the Georgian football team under Coach Temur Ketsbaia?

Monday, October 11
“I think Temur Ketsbaia managed to “awaken” the Georgian football players immediately after his appointment to the position of coach and their success in league games has proved that.”
Irakli, Student, 19

“Well actually it doesn’t only depend on the coach but upon the players themselves. As a matter of fact our national team seems to have improved after Ketsbaia’s arrival but they still need to be aware of the responsibility towards their people and try to prove their confidence.”
Anna, Interpreter, 26

“As a great football fan I must say that I had almost lost all my confidence in Georgian football…but Temur Ketsbaia has somehow managed to awaken the hope of victory in each and every Georgian. I hope that our football players will do their best under Ketsbaia’s rules because he is a former player himself with serious experience at international standard. I just want to wish our team success in their matches.”
Mamuka, Doctor, 45

“Georgia is a country of great success in any kind of sport, but unfortunately we have been weak in football for the last decade…Our young Georgian football players have an important inheritance from their great ancestors which have managed to amaze the world with their professionalism. I’m sure that Temur Ketsbaia will manage to promote Georgian football worldwide.”
Tamaz, Lawyer, 51

“I am a football fan and one of my dreams is for Georgia to play serious football and be a very serious opponent for foreign powerful teams. I am hopeful; I was really the happiest man when our team won.”
Gia, Marketing manager, 34

“Even from the beginning I did not think that foreign coaches could perform some significant changes in Georgian football; I think that we have our own means for this. The state has paid too much to those coaches, without any real outcome. I hope that our footballers will not pay too much attention to this victorious game and battle for more important results.”
Tamuna, Doctor, 41

“I like Ketsbaia and I think that he will do his best for Georgian football’s improvement. In addition he is Georgian, he knows the Georgian nature better and what is useful while working with Georgian footballers.”
Giga, Worker, 29

“Until Friday night I did not really have much hope for Georgian football. I can’t say that we had a great victory over a powerful team; however beating Malta still means something. I hope we will participate in the European Football Championship with Ketsbaia as a coach.”
Andro, Student, 20

“I was happy that our guys won, however we should be realistic about our capabilities. Malta is not a football giant, so we should not think that after beating the Malta team we will be able to beat top class national teams. I think Ketsbaia gave our football players more confidence in themselves, which is very important.”
Gia, Driver, 36

“I have high hopes. Ketsbaia was my favourite football player for years and now has become my favourite coach. He is very determined, skilled and well mannered, and a very positive person. I am sure he is fully committed to making Georgian football better. I am happy he is the coach of our national team.”
Jano, Distributor, 26