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What do you think about Georgia’s decision on a visa-free regime with the North Caucasus states?

Tuesday, October 12
“I think it is not a very wise decision. Well friendly relations are very important but letting everyone from the North Caucasus enter Georgia without a visa can be dangerous for our own safety.”
Manana, Musician, 55

“I think it is a very good move towards our Northern neighbours. It is important to maintain good relations with Chechens, Ingushetians, Daghestan people, etc. – they are part of the Caucasus and they face almost the same problems that we do.”
Nia, Nurse, 27

“I was surprised to hear this news today. It is hard for me to give a positive or negative assessment of this decision however my intuition says it could be somewhat dangerous. The situation in the North Caucasus is very tense and we don’t want these tensions to move to Georgia too.”
Gia, Unemployed, 59

“I think it might be a bit dangerous. The situation in the North Caucasus is a very strained and it is becoming more and more so. Crossing border in this context is very risky to my mind and I don’t agree with the authorities’ decision concerning the issue.”
Gia, Sociologist, 35

“In my opinion it is not the correct decision. The Russians frequently say that there are terrorists or separatists on Georgian territory and that Georgia provides the North Caucasus countries with arms. The Russians might use this fact and justify some kind of attack on Georgia.”
Giorgi, Economist, 41

“I think it will be positively reflected in Georgian- North Caucasus relations. I think that the Caucasian nations should have closer relations and this will be a serious obstacle for Russia.”
Nineli, Teacher, 53

“Well I don’t have particular information about this decision but I think this fact won’t be so important for our citizens. I just doubt that we have some intense cooperation with the North Caucasus countries.”
Giorgi, Student, 21

“I didn’t think that the North Caucasus were among the priorities for our country. I mean I have heard about the plans for establishing a visa-free regime with European countries, so I am just surprised with the news and can’t give a relevant answer to your question.”
Eka, Teacher, 35

“I must admit that I am a bit worried about the issue…I mean the Government of Georgia should be more careful with regions with difficult internal policies like the North Caucasus.”
Tamta, Interpreter, 22

“I personally welcome the visa-free regime with the North Caucasus. I have some relatives who are really nice people and I would like them to visit me with pleasure.”
Giorgi, Musician, 28