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Wednesday, October 13
Georgia becomes a member of Eurogeographics

Georgia has become a member of the international organisation Eurogeographics. The General Assembly of the organisation was held in Brussels yesterday. 43 member states attended the assembly in which they voted for the accession of Georgia into the organisation.

The Georgian delegation spoke about the reforms carried out by the government in the country. Georgian authorities say that the admission of the country to the organization will bring the country closer to European structures.

The chairperson of the National Agency of Public Register of the Ministry of Justicei and the head of the international relations department represented Georgia at the assembly. (Rustavi 2)

Ratification of Constitutional Changes Postponed

Ratification of the draft Constitutional Law on Amendments to the Constitution of Georgia has been postponed until Friday. Christian Democrats raised the issue at the plenary sitting of parliament yesterday.

Deputy Levan Vepkhvadze states that the edited draft was only recently delivered to them and they have not had time to review it.

Parliamentary Chair, Davit Bakradze agreed to the opposition’s demand and said the government wants the draft to be perfect and to avoid the fact that the agreed issue was not included.

Davit Bakradze stated that every word in the draft Constitutional Law on Amendments to the Constitution of Georgia is of utmost importance.

Davit Bakradze said that the draft Constitutional Law on Amendments to the Constitution of Georgia will be adopted on the third hearing of the plenary sitting on Friday. (Interpressnews)

President visits No. 1 experimental school in Tbilisi

Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili visited the No. 1 experimental school of Tbilisi, where a new building for children in the primary school has been built. Construction began on June 1 and finished on October 4.

Currently, 283 children of the primary classes study in the school. According to the Safe School concept, it is important to place children of primary school age in a separate building.

The First Experimental School is the pilot school. All first graders were provided with netbooks as part of the President’s initiative. Teachers were also trained.

The netbook is the children’s modern computer. 3,000 netbooks were specially created for Georgian schools as the result of the collaboration with the company INTEL.

The President attended the lesson of the first-form class and talked with the teachers. (Rustavi 2)

Laborites Demand Release of Political Prisoners

Laborites demanded the release of political prisoners and call upon the diplomatic corps to respond to the issue. The party’s Secretary General Paata Jibladze said at yesterday’s briefing that Saakashvili’s regime tries to imprison their opponents by false allegations.

Jibladze says that 8 of them were sentenced to 4.5-years imprisonment. The Court will increase the punishment to 5 years for the most active participants – Rati Maisadze and Avto Zumbadze under the hooliganism article.

‘We categorically demand from various international organisations and embassies in Georgia to see the terror and outrage with eyes wide open and make Saakashvili’s regime return the illegally detained prisoners back to their families,’ Jibladze said. (Inerpressnews)

Somali Pirates demand 15 million for Georgian Sailors

Spokesperson of President of Georgia, Manana Manjgaladze states that the president receives information daily about the condition of the Georgian sailors kidnapped by Somali pirates.

Manjgaladze notes that the pirates are demanding a 15 million ransom and negotiations are taking place to decrease the amount.

The Greek ship, with Georgian sailors on board, was hijacked by Somali pirates on 8 August. (Interpressnews)

Foreign Minister hosted Diplomatic Corps

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Grigol Vashadze met with the Diplomatic Corps at the ministry yesterday. After the meeting, Mr. Vashadze told journalists that the ambassadors showed interest in the meetings held by the Georgian delegation within the UN General Assembly in the United States.

“Three very significant meetings were held recently - the UN General Assembly, the discussion of Georgia’s lawsuit against Russia at the Hague International Criminal Court and the annual summary meeting within the US-Georgia strategic partnership charter. So we reported the details of these meetings to the ambassadors today,” Grigol Vashadze said.

The meeting was initiated by the ambassadors. (Rustavi 2)