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Wednesday, October 13
Georgian doctors may be sent to Afghanistan

Rezonansi writes that according to a statement made by Nino Kalandadze, Deputy Foreign minister Georgia may send more doctors to Afghanistan. Before that Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze stated in his interview to Radio Liberty that civil sector representatives will also participate in the Afghanistan mission. Kalandadze added that the final decision has not been made and with such statements Georgia is just expressing its readiness to make this step.

According to Kalandadze Georgia holds the same position despite different opinions about Georgians’ withdrawal from the Afghanistan mission. “We declare that Georgia keeps its word and it does not plan to withdraw military servicemen from that mission. Despite the victims, we continue our readiness to take part in the peacekeeping mission,” Kalandadze said.

Former deputy education minister arrested

24 hours writes that Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia in cooperation with the Chamber of Control and the Ministry of Education has arrested former deputy minister of education, Alexander Chikvaidze who is suspected of misappropriating state funds by abusing his authority.

While working as deputy minister, Chikvaidze signed a contract for the rehabilitation of the Shamgona village school, Zugdidi district, with the Vlazi Ltd director Zurab Tsimakuridze. By avoiding the required tenders he extorted 40,000 GEL from the director of the Ltd Company.

Evading the consent of the minister, Chikvaidze transferred 700,000 GEL to the company for the rehabilitation work. Only 200,000 GEL was spent on the work, while 500,000 GEL was embezzled by Tsimakuridze.

Tsimakuridze and Tsira Javakhadze, who was the mediator between the deputy minister and the company director, have been also arrested with the charges of machinations.

Chikvaidze has also signed a 1.8 million GEL contract to the Uni-Building company, run by his brother-in-law, who conducted rehabilitation work in the villages of Misaktsieli, Gardabani and Senaki districts. By forging the documents, the company managers embezzled 600,000 GEL from state funds.

To hide the wrong doings, the rehabilitation works were approved by evading the minister’s agreement.

Chikvaidze has been charged with bribery and abusing official duties. The crime envisages an 11-year sentence.