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Do you think the new oppositional coalition will be able to gain the publicís trust?

Wednesday, October 13
Iím afraid Georgian society has become so tired from all the oppositionís promises that the new union will find it difficult to influence people.
Niko, Dentist, 29

Well this new opposition coalition is mainly based on well known political faces which have already been popular among the Georgian people. Society lacks healthy minds and Iím sure if the new coalition will introduce the relevant strategies, people will follow them with no fear.
Laura, Pensioner, 68

The new opposition coalition based on old political and public figures will have to gain the public trust by launching an interesting and effective campaign proving their confidence in political issues. I mean it is not always easy to restore oneís trust in people especially after several political failures which the ordinary people always find difficult to forget and pardon.
Ilia, Lawyer, 36

Well actually we already know their views, methods and abilities, so nothing new will happen, I think.
Tamta, Interpreter, 24

First of all, it is dependent on them, how would they act and that is their priority. People are really tired of street rallies and things like this. If they will choose this way; I donít think they will achieve any success.
Nodar, Engineer, 43

I am very sorry that Sozar Subari is among them, I do not support his decision of being with the people who are the other leaders of the party. I think that Levan Gachechiladze really loves the country; however he is not a good politician, as for others, meaning Kintsmarishvili, Okruashvili and Guntsadze. I have no desire to see them in the leadership of Georgia.
Manana, Teacher, 35

As I have seen, they have some aggressive attitudes, which are unacceptable for me. I donít like the present authorities and I can say it openly, however I do not support those opposition factions that are trying to solve problems by less civilized means. I hope that they will make some changes in their ideology and suggest something real and useful to the Georgian people.
Giorgi, Musician. 29