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Why do you think Russia decided to withdraw its forces from Perevi Village and do you expect a fulfillment of the 6-point agreement in the near future?

Monday, October 18
The main territories in Georgia Russia is really interested in are Abkhazia and so called South Ossetia; Perevi village was insignificant for them, I think. Perevi is a village in Sachkhere region and practically it was an area Russia could concede to show the international community that it is not an occupier.
Gia, Computer Programmer, 39

I definitely expect the fulfillment of the agreement because otherwise Russia will cause serious controversy among the most civilised countries aiming to establish international standards worldwide. As for the withdrawal of its forces from Perevi I doubt this process will be finished in a couple of days.
Tamar, Lawyer, 28

I must confess Iím quite afraid of RussiaÖI mean each their steps made for the so-called peaceful solution to the Georgian-Russian conflict may be dangerous for our statehood.
Sandro, Interpreter, 23

The Kremlin knew that sooner or later they would have to make some diplomatic steps. As for the complete fulfillment of the six point agreement I remain skeptical.
Erekle, IT Specialist, 43

It is difficult to identify the reasons why Russia acted like that but in general I donít think it is because Putin suddenly decided to be a good boy and obey the agreements and decisions made during the war.
Sopho, Journalist, 22

To tell the truth I was really very surprised when I heard this news. In my opinion, the international community and foreign organisations are really very interested in Georgian issue and we have got the result of that interest.
Nino, Teacher, 34

It is difficult to guess something related to politics, as all significant decisions are made after some inter-negotiations and hidden agreements. It is very good news that the Russians will leave Perevi, but the most significant part of our territory is still occupied and I do not expect the Russians to say no to those areas easily
Natia, Social Worker, 32

I think they were pressured by international organisations and countries like the US and France. I donít expect Russia will ever fully meet all the points of the ceasefire document but withdrawal of troops from Perevi is at least better than nothing.
Gocha, Web Designer, 29

I am not sure that Russia will withdraw all of its so called border police officers from Perevi. Maybe some of the soldiers will be removed, but I do not expect a full abolishment of the border control post in the village. Letís see and letís hope for better.Ē
Lana, Interpreter, 31

I donít know what lies underneath Russiaís decision; however I think that the people of Perevi must be really happy. It is not so easy to live under constant threat. I hope that other Georgian villages, currently under Russian control, will also be freed very soon.
Ia, PR Specialist, 35