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No more revolutions in Georgia

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, October 19
Talking about the newly formed Georgian Party on October 18, Irakli Alasania, leader of the opposition party, Our Georgia-Free Democrats, “I don’t think the new opposition party will have anything good to give the country.” He commented that the time for revolutions in the country is over and there is only one way left for the opposition to come to power.

“There is no more time for revolutions in the country, as revolutions only resulted in negative outcomes for the country. I can say that the only definite way to remove the present authority is by changing the election environment. 8 Georgian opposition parties have agreed on this issue and the authorities are very confused by the agreement by different opposition factions,” Alasania stated, adding that the authorities will have no other way but to consider the opposition's suggestions regarding the election code, “We have managed not only to agree on views regarding the election environment; we have also presented concrete legislative initiatives with international backing. That is why I am sure the authority has no option but to negotiate on the issue.”

It also appears that the Georgian Party has no plans for permanent street rallies. “This will be the final battle; there should not be constant street rallies. We will come out and finish,” said Levan Gachechiladze, one of the leaders of Georgian party. He continued, stating that there are two ways of changing those in power, “These are by elections or by revolution. When the authority is held by just one man, there is no alternative but revolution. We will create a very powerful organisation. I can say that all the members of the party are leaders and there has already been compromise, which is a very serious advancement, as in general Georgian opposition parties have not been able to compromise. The party’s leader will be announced on November 22.” Voicing some of the party’s plans, Gachechiladze said, “We will create a party working group of which will formulate our programme, targeting on present and future goals. There will be very gifted scholars and other people in the group, to whom the country’s fate is really important.”

The authorities are not afraid of the opposition’s plans and statements. Majority MP, Nugzar Tsiklauri told The Messenger, “The opposition failed to unite around a common ideology. Now they plan to unite around the hatred of the present authority and they will inevitably fail. Okruashvili is a wanted man. What will he do if he comes to Georgia? Lead a rebellion? The threats we are hearing are characteristic of common people. No one will ever organise a rebellion in Georgia and no one is afraid of their threats towards the present authority,”

Analyst Nika Chitadze told The Messenger, “This coalition is not for progress or democratic values; they are just united against the President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, which is a negative sign. I welcome a strong opposition in the country, but in them, I cannot see a progressive force. Despite this I expect that they will have some supporters and voters in the country.”

According to analyst Gia Khukhashvili, “There is a need for a new strong opposition force in the country. Opposition members should first of all persuade and show society that the country’s interests stand above their private ones. Unfortunately at the present moment, I cannot see such force. As for the Georgian party, almost all of its members, bar Sozar Subari have some significant past sins. It is unlikely the party will achieve positive results. However, we cannot rule out some success and I want them to create something useful for the country.”