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What do you think about Tbilisi’s transport system?

Tuesday, October 19
“I think it works quite alright. Busses are almost never late, but in rush hour it is a real nightmare. It would be nice if some more buses could be added during rush hours. I am a student and I have a lot of difficulty getting on the bus in the morning; it is always overcrowded.”
Maya, Student, 19

“It is absolutely terrible. Buses are dirty and the metro is far from perfect. I really hate using public transport in Georgia. Better to walk a hundred kilometres than to get on one of those yellow buses.”
Nana, Translator, 40

“I have complaints about road transport; I think this system lacks good organisational management. Buses never run according to the schedule; passengers always have to wait and when a long awaited bus arrives its almost impossible to get in. If you are lucky and get in – you have to stand for the whole journey. This kind of transport is too smelly and dirty and overcrowded. Actually I prefer the metro.”
Natia, Lawyer, 24

“I think that the transport system has improved in Tbilisi. I mean the introduction of the plastic cards has simplified personally my everyday life. I do understand that’s not enough for ensuring the social welfare of citizens but still I can see how particular activities have been launched for the people’s benefit.”
Anna, Teacher, 52

“The situation in our capital has become calm after long disputes between the Government and the ordinary people. We, the citizens of Tbilisi definitely welcome the initiatives of the Government aimed at improving and simplifying living conditions and social services but why doesn’t anyone think about the other social problems we are facing every day? People are always impartial and objective – let no one hope on the false votes at the elections. What the Government of Georgia has been doing for so long is the essential part of their obligations before the state.”
Nikoloz, Doctor, 62

“I definitely disapprove of all those innovations to the transport system. As an ordinary old man I would prefer that the money used on unnecessary projects was spent more wisely.”
Jemal, Pensioner, 76

“Well, I can say that compared with previous years, the situation has improved significantly and movement in the city is quite normal. However there are some streets where the situation should be improved. For example, I live in Gldani and it take me quite long time to cross the road in front of the Akhmeteli metro station. There are no traffic lights there; I hope that the city administration will sort these kinds of problems.”
Giga, Engineer, 34

“The fact that are so many minibuses in the city is really good. Also some additional measures have been carried out for traffic simplification in Tbilisi. One problem I have with the transport is that the yellow buses often have some technical problems.”
Tamuna, Cashier, 29

“I frequently use the metro and think that it functions quite well and is quite hygienic. As for buses and other kinds of transport I can say that one thing I really hate is that they are very often overcrowded and even when there is no place to stand inside, drivers still stop to allow more passengers on.”
Nutsa, Student, 19