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In your opinion who is the most reliable politician in Georgia?

Wednesday, October 20
“I am quite skeptical about the term “reliable” when it comes to politicians. Generally, I trust opposition politicians more than the ruling administration representatives. However, I cannot say that there are no reliable people in the government at all. I have difficulties naming one specific politician though.”
Goga, Electrician, 34

“Well actually I can see no particularly reliable politicians in Georgia nowadays. I can only see the former Governmental representatives in opposition circles and the former opposition representatives in new Governmental positions.”
Salome, Interpreter, 24

“I very much appreciate Gubaz Sanikide from the National Forum for his interesting ideas and suggestions.”
Nino, Manager, 29

“The word “most reliable” is a bit controversial in our political reality. I mean there are so many interesting politicians making serious promises how they would change Georgian life after their political promotion but unfortunately they are always forgetting their promises after the fulfillment of their childhood dreams.”
Ilia, Lawyer, 46

“Although many people may find this answer funny, I trust Shalva Natelashvili. He has always been devoted to his party principles and has done a lot for improving the social conditions of Tbilisi population in particular. I think he is one of the most trustworthy politicians in Georgia right now.”
Nana, Housewife, 40

“I don’t trust politicians at all. We have seen a lot of examples in our recent history that they change their positions and point of view every other day. Many of those people who were in Saakashvili’s government are now in opposition among the most outspoken critics of the President.”
Meri, Nurse, 51

I have no thoughts on the issue. Well, to tell the truth, I do not believe in any politician in Georgia, as most of them are oriented only on their profit. In general, politicians are not trustworthy people, to my mind.
Giga, Driver, 31

I like Davit Bakradze most of all. He is a really educated and balanced politician and has not been in some other team before. I hope that he will go on like this.
Natia, Manager, 34

Reliable is Shalva Natelashvili. As he always has his definite attitudes and nearly never change them. However, I cannot imagine him as the country leader due to his activities and statements. I can see him always in someone’s opposition.
Zura, Stylist, 29