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Friday, October 22
Tbilisoba 2010 begins

The festivities dedicated to the Day of Tbilisi, called Tbilisoba 2010, began yesterday. In a change from all previous festivities of Tbilisoba, this year the events will be different and they will last ten days instead of only the last weekend of October.

Within the festivities, the Tbilisi municipal government will organize exhibitions, concerts, first-night performances, award ceremonies in literature; mass winemaking on the Rose Square and a show of pop-stars will take place simultaneously.

On the first day of Tbilisoba 2010, old suits of personages were exhibited in the Jansugh Kakhidze Musical -Cultural Centre. The visitors were also able to admire old maps of Tbilisi in the hall of the Public Library. (Rustavi 2)

Member of National Forum Party Detained

Zaza Chakvetadze, member of the National Forum party, has been detained during an incident around the Lilo market, - Gubaz Sanikidze, leader of the National Forum, told InterpressNews.

Leaders of the National Forum are protesting against his detention and demand an immediate release of the detainee.

During the incident guards and traders clashed with each other at Lilo market.

Traders were staging protests from an early stage yesterday morning. According to them, police sealed up some of the shops in the market and imposed heavy fines on the owners. Leaders of the National Forum party and traders of Lilo market have gathered in front of the police station of Lilo, a settlement near Tbilisi .

They are demanding that Zaza Chakvetadze, a member of the National Forum, be released.

Kakha Shartava and Gubaz Sanikidze, leaders of the National Forum, went to the relevant police station where they insisted that they will not leave until Chakvetadze is released. (Interpressnews)

Authors of Best Topics on NATO Awarded at Ministry of Education

An Award ceremony for the winners of the competition Master and Bachelor Papers on NATO and Security was held at the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) .

The competition was held by the NGO New Generation-New Initiative and NATO Public Diplomacy Division, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

The competition was designed to improve the knowledge of the youth on NATO and international security issues. Students of the leading Universities of Georgia, who wrote Master and Bachelor papers on NATO and Security issues took part in the project. Experts Soso Tsintsadze, Nika Chitadze and David Aphrasidze assessed the papers.

Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkini and Chairman of the New Generation-New Initiative, Mikheil Devdariani spoke about the importance of the project at the press-conference. Officer of NATO Public Diplomacy Division, Kristina Baleisyte awarded the participants with diplomas and congratulated them on their success.

The competition of Master and Bachelor Papers on NATO and Security will be held every year from now on. (Interpressnews)

New Tbilisi construction in the image of New York's Central Park

A landscape similar to New York`s Central Park will be constructed in the centre of Georgia`s capital Tbilisi. The project is going to start within the nearest period and the park will be located on the territory of Mziuri Park and the Zoo.

Architects from New York have arrived in Tbilisi in order to work on the project of the central park. Architect Zev Love walked around the Zoo and the Mziuri Park to view the territory before starting working on the project. The foreign experts also discussed the project with Tbilisi Mayor.

The new park is also going to assume a function of linking the Saburtalo and Vake districts of the capital.

Some details of the project are already known. As reported, the old Mziuri Park will connect to the Zoo with a special glass tunnel. The territory of the central park will be divided into different zones, in which picnic places, entertaining and educational centres will be placed.

After the park is constructed, the Tbilisi Zoo will be moved to other place at Tbilisi Sea. More than existing nine and larger cages will be constructed on the territory of 200 hectares.

Budget of the Tbilisi Central Park Project is unknown yet. As reported, the park will have old name Mziuri. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian nationals, engaged in jeweller`s robbery, detained in Norway

Berg Gold & Silver in Odda was, on Monday night, robbed of goods for a large value. The grand larceny took place in the most protected jeweler’s during the last 16 years in Bergen, Norway. Georgian nationals have been detained and charged with participation in the robbery. Police say, they are searching for other Georgian nationals involved in the case.

Goods of up to one million Norwegian Krone - diamonds, gold and silver items - were seized from the jeweler’s located in the centre of the city. Police say, the robbers were very well organized, as they were able to escape from the crime scene as soon as the alarm signal was activated.

Two suspects were detained by the police soon after the incident. Representatives of the Bergen Police told the Courier news program of Rustavi 2 Georgian TV Company that both of the detainees are Georgians seeking asylum in Norway. Law enforcers continue to search for other members of the group. (Rustavi 2)