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What plans do you have for Tbilisoba festival?

Friday, October 22
“What I like most about Tbilisoba is the market in the open air, with people from villages selling traditional Georgian food or clothing. Rike is a very interesting place to visit on Tbilisoba. I always go there with my family. We each find things of our interest there. This year as well I am planning to spend part of our weekend there.”
Tina, teacher, 40

“I am going to attend a performance at Peace Bridge. I have never seen a performance staged outside the theatre, so I am really looking forward to seeing it now. I am sure it will be very interesting.”
Maka, accountant, 24

“I am planning to see a little bit of everything. I will be going out with my friends in the evening, attending different concerts and exhibitions. We are not pampered with having such events in Georgia so often, so I will not miss my chance.”
Maiko, student, 19

I like this festival most of all, almost all day long I spend with my friends and we attempt to present nearly all activities planned for the festival. This year, I am hosting my foreign friend and I am sure, we will all enjoy a very good time.
Nia, Singer, 25

I have nothing planned yet, as far as I know, some nice events are arranged for the festival and hopefully I will manage to participate in some of them. I especially like when people from the regions arrive in the capital and bring some items and foods related to their regions.
Nodar, Manager, 31

I can not say how actively I will be involved in the events of the festival; however, I will certainly attend the concerts of folk, dance and song groups.
Giorgi, Sportsman, 19

“Tbilisoba is among my favorite festivals because it is always happy and unites different people. I think this time I will attend all the events planed for the festival and feel happy.”
Tamar, pupil, 17

“Well actually I’m quite old for the mass festivals and events. Moreover I don’t at all enjoy the initiatives of our Government. There are so many people living in difficult conditions nowadays that I can’t understand how we can forget about our problems and feel calm.”
Elene, Pensioner, 67

“Tbilisoba is a traditional festival which has been celebrated in Tbilisi for years. I have never participated in the events planned for that very date but this time I’ll do my best to experience the happy mood of the event with my friends.”
Erekle, Economist, 28