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Monday, October 25
Georgia to be Centre of Regional Economy

Georgia will become the centre of the Caucasus in terms of regional economy, according to British Member of Parliament, Michael Fellon. During a seminar held for parliament members he commented that the British government welcomed the efforts of Georgians in liberalising the economy. “We support the views of Georgia in this direction. You'll be the centre of Caucasus in terms of regional economy,” stated the UK MP.

The theme of the seminar was parliament’s role in the implementation of financial supervision in Georgia as in the UK. It included programme budgeting, the relationship between parliament and audit bodies; the British experience and recommendations to Parliament and the Chamber of Control of Georgia.

The seminar was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Chamber of Control and the non-government sector.

Building Collapses in Ponichala settlement for the Blind

A two-storey building collapsed in the settlement for the blind in Ponichala, trapping several people, according to reports by the emergency services.

Rescuers and emergency brigades attended the scene, along with Tbilisi Mayor, Gigi Ugulava.

The cause of the incident is not yet known. 18-year-old Lali Kisishvili, who was injured in the Ponichala collapse, is in a very poor condition. According to a doctor of the fifth hospital, Ioseb Kvartskhava, the girl has multiple fractures in hand. She is being examined to discover whether she suffered any further injuries. Rescuers recovered the body of 60-year-old Boris Berdzenov from the ruins of the two-storey building.

Rescuers continue to work at the scene, where one more person is believed to be trapped in the ruins.

Holiday Inn opens in Tbilisi

The Holiday Inn Hotel has opened in Tbilisi. It is another well-known international hotel brand to enter Georgia and is known for its cheap rooms and high-level service.

The 4-star hotel, built in the former Adjara Hotel was funded by Georgian investment.

The Tbilisi Holiday Inn project cost USD 28 million and has 252 modern rooms – standard, deluxe and business. The hotel also offers visitors lounge bars, restaurants, conference rooms, an outdoor pool, a business centre and 24-hour banking.

The average cost of one room for one night will be USD 100. The hotel is expected to start accepting visitors from November.
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Nogaideli returns from Europe

Former Prime Minister of Georgia and leader of the party “For a Fair Georgia”, Zurab Nogaideli has returned from a trip to Europe, according to a report by the party’s spokesperson, Nino Javakhishvili.

Journalists will be provided with detailed information on Noghaideli’s visit to Moscow and his trip to Europe at a press conference to be held soon.

Nogaideli held business meetings in Europe after visiting Russia.

During his 9th visit to Moscow, he held meetings with representatives of the Georgian, Abkhazian and Ossetian Diasporas, as well as with the leadership of the party “United Russia”.

The Party’s Press office neither confirmed nor denied information spread by the Georgian media about Noghaideli’s meeting with the former Georgian Defence Minister Irakli Okruashvili in Paris.

Hungarian Turkey Farm in Georgia

Hungarian investors plan spend several million dollars on developing a turkey farm in Georgia, operational by the end of 2011, according to a statement made by the Georgian Minister of Agriculture, Bakur Kvezereli. It might be located in Kakheti.

According to Kvezereli the Hungarian businessmen are also interested in wheat and corn cultivation in Georgia and will visit Georgia in early November.

5 arrested for Crude Oil theft

The Constitutional Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has detained 5 people suspected of stealing crude oil from the Baku-Supsa pipeline and will conduct a full investigation.

Members of the organised criminal group, Mikheil Mgebrishvili, Jemal Begijanashvili, Zurab Giorgadze, Giorgi Tchumburidze and Jemal Svainidze stole crude oil systematically with the aim of its further realisation. If found guilty, they each face up to 10 years imprisonment.

The crude oil was stolen from the village of Ruisi, Kareli region, through which the Baku-Supsa pipeline passes.