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Monday, October 25
NATO week before Lisbon summit

More than one month before the Lisbon summit, NATO information center held a NATO week in Georgia, 24 Hours reports. As part of the week Georgia was visited by a number of senior officials, permanent representatives and ambassadors who held meetings with State Minister Giorgi Baramidze, Parliamentary Chair Davit Bakradze and other senior Georgian officials.

Davit Bakradze told the ambassadors about the ongoing reforms in the country. They also confirmed their full support to the decision adopted at NATO’s 2008 Bucharest summit

“We talked about the upcoming Lisbon summit. I hope Georgia’s issue will be adequately reflected in the new strategy as well as the summit’s document, so that all the commitments NATO took before Georgia will be upheld. We talked about the security situation and the occupied territories; about what should be done in order for the cease-fire agreement to be implemented and the situation in the regions improved. Of course, we also talked about the ongoing reforms inside Georgia,” the speaker said.

“Georgia is really special partner for the alliance and I believe that what was decided in the Bucharest Summit, which was also repeated in Strassbourg-Kehl Summit remains valid. You have all the instruments and received our promise that Georgia will become a member of NATO. There also are serious problems. Part of your territories are still occupied and you are not able to implement reforms in these territories. But Georgia is really on good track. I am confident you will resolve all the problems and become a member of NATO. You should be patient and follow what we are doing together,” Lithuania’s Ambassador to NATO said.

Boris Chochiev: they managed to give Moscow and us misinformation

Ossetian separatists are unhappy with the withdrawal of Russian military forces from the village of Perevi, 24 Hours writes. Separatist government representative Boris Chochiev says that after the withdrawal of the Russian forces, Didi Kardzmani and Patara Kardzmani villages will also be controlled by Georgia.

“Travel from Sinaguri to Kardzmani is only possible via Perevi. A road was being built to Sinaguri in 2008; we were sure that this road had been fully constructed, although it does not exist. That’s why in winter, Kardzmani villagers will be separated from South Ossetia,” Choechiev said, adding that the responsibility for this misinformation is those bodies which were obliged to do this road, although he did not disclose who they are.