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What do you think about the Georgian media and about the initiative of the Parliament speaker that the names of the owners and financial backers of the media must be publicly available?

Wednesday, October 27
“I think that the Georgian media, in general is not impartial, the main TV channels are obviously controlled by the authorities and it is very clear while watching them. I have heard about the new initiative, but I am doubtful whether it will work, as it is very easy to stand behind someone and control something in this way.”
Giga, Businessman, 29

“I am really interested in who is behind media companies. If the information is public, people will be able to decide which information is trustworthy and impartial and which is not. I like the initiative.”
Natia, Housewife, 31

“I think that it is a formal initiative to show the international community that the present authority of Georgia is really interested in media impartiality in the country. The authorities know very well who is behind any media outlet in the country.”
Beka, Sociologist, 39

“I think that this initiative is either the result of the international organisations’ pressure on Georgian authorities, or yet another PR stunt by Saakashvili. The Georgian and international human rights organisations have demanded many times that this information about media owners be made public, however these demands have always been ignored by the officials. I don’t know what has changed now.”
Zurab, Journalist, 25

“As far as I know, most of the Georgian national TV channels are owned by state officials. I don’t think they would want to reveal themselves as owners. I don’t really know what is behind this decision.”
Tako, Psychologist, 30

“I was quite surprised today to hear our Parliament Chairman talking about this initiative live on TV. Right now it is just an initiative; let’s see what exactly they are proposing. If they sincerely want to change the situation in Georgian media for the better, I am happy. But I am not sure their intention is genuine.”
Nana, Doctor, 36