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Azerbaijan and Armenia military budget

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, October 28
An increase in the Azeri defence budget will be met with asymmetric steps from Armenia, who spend less but more effectively, according to First Deputy Defence Minister of Armenia, David Tonoian who was speaking to Radio Liberty. Currently, Azerbaijan claims that its defence budget is almost 8 times bigger than that of Armenia, rising in 2011 to USD 3 bln. Tonoian however mentioned that Yerevan has nurtured a system of strategic balance which forces peace on Baku. Since 1994, Armenian armed forces have been preventing war, according to Armenians who also believe that an increase in defence expenditure does not necessarily mean improving the combat ability of its armed forces. An increase in military expenses and purchasing arms would not secure victory. Tonoian mentioned that the enhancement of the Azeri defence system indirectly suggests preparation of military confrontation, which is a worrying signal not only for Armenia but the international community as a whole.