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Thursday, October 28
IDP burnt herself

An IDP from Sokhumi, Abkhazia, Georgia, Nana Pipia burnt herself outside the Ministry of IDPs yesterday, 24 Hours reports. The woman appeared together with other IDPs who have been rallying outside the ministry for the past few days demanding rooms in Tbilisi, though the woman was not present during the protest.

30% of her body suffered third degree burns; she has been hospitalized in Tbilisi.

This group of IDPs was earlier housed in the former Adjara hotel in Tbilisi, which was privatized by foreign investors and, therefore, the IDPs were evicted from the building and offered alternative houses in the regions. Though, they were demanding apartments in Tbilisi.

Nana Pipia was not among the protestors while they were holding rallies nor has she ever addressed the Ministry of IDPs with complaints.

Tbilisi City Council member Viktor Dolidze said that before the incident, Pipia had a meeting with one of the high officials who assaulted her and told Pipia to return back to the village of Potskho, and “when the IDP responded that there is nothing but grass and no food exists there, the official told her to eat grass instead of food. After leaving this conversation, Pipia tried to burn herself and was transferred to hospital,” Dolidze said.

Shashkin Visited New School In Mleta

The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dmitry Shashkin has visited a newly opened school in the village of Mleta and handed over literature to the school library, 24 Hours reports.

“One of the main priorities of MES is to advance school infrastructure and build new schools that comply with the modern standards. All schoolchildren should have opportunity to receive education in the refurbished and modern schools. MES is actively working on these issues” – said Dimitri Shashkin.

Construction works in the village Mleta began in June and the school, built for 80 schoolchildren, includes a refurbished gym and computer classes.

The first graders of Mleta School were provided with computers in the scope of the President’s program.

As the building of the school was damaged, it was decided to construct a new one. Only one public school operates in Mleta under the patronage of the First Lady of Georgia, Sandra Elizabeth Reolofs.

The construction of 10 schools is underway throughout Georgia of which six are funded by the World Bank.