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Do you think NATO will agree to Russia's request not to allocate its forces in its Eastern European member countries’ territories?

Thursday, October 28
I don’t think NATO will simply agree with Russia or any other country on any issue. I mean, if NATO needs allocation of its forces in its member countries it will prove the need regardless of any argumentation.
Ilia, Lawyer, 24

Allocation of its rockets to Eastern Europe is vitally important for NATO’s security policy so it won’t agree with Russia on its request by all means.
Marex, political analyst, 22

NATO is one of the world’s strongest organizations with its well-balanced policy for member countries. If NATO wouldn’t need allocation of the forces in the Eastern Europe it wouldn’t have suggested the initiative. Thus I wonder why Russia needs additional confrontation in security issues. The only answer to this question would have been that this country is simply motivated by creating problems for others to prove its might.
Giorgi, sociologist, 48

It is difficult to say, as far as I know, the Alliance is having quite a difficult period at the present moment and somehow needs Russian military assistance. Herewith, as I know Russia will take part in Afghanistan operations, I do not expect that Russia did it without any incentive.
Gia, Sociologist, 28

I think there are some hidden negotiations going on between some influential countries. Germany and France are quite close with Russia and they are collaborating successfully regarding some issues, I suppose. NATO needs Russian assistance, as far as I can see and welcomes collaboration with Russian ruling forces, however, I don’t think NATO will agree to such a suggestion, as it will negatively reflect on the alliance's future plans and power.
Tinatin, PR Manager, 30

“It depends on how much NATO needs Russia’s help in Afghanistan. We don’t really know what the situation is there. Anyway, I don’t think that NATO will give in to the ultimatums of Moscow. At least I hope not.”
Sandro, Sociologist, 37

“I think the Russian leadership’s self esteem has gone to ridiculous heights for some unknown reasons. They still cannot keep up with the idea that Russia is not a superpower any more. So, they are trying to make everyone else play by their rules. I don’t think that this adventure will have a successful end for the Kremlin.”
Teona, student, 24

“The decision maker in this situation is the US. We have to wait and see what the reaction of the US administration on Russia’s offer is.”
Jano, doctor, 43