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Do you agree with the removal of Soviet symbols from Georgian reality?

Friday, October 29
I think these symbols are an important part of the Georgian past but they have no connection with our modern ideology. I just think that the initiator of the project Gia Tortladze simply wanted to promote an idea which according to him would definitely be accepted by the ruling party.
Ilia, Economist, 49

The Soviet Union was a temporary union of countries different in concerns and approaches towards life. Georgia has succeeded in overcoming the Soviet tyranny in time and I fully agree with the idea of removing the Soviet remains from Georgian reality.
Elene, Pensioner, 68

By removing the Soviet symbols from Georgian life we leave our children without any chance to look back to our past and learn about the Soviet Georgian reality. I donít think it would have been the right decision to adopt the law on removing the symbols. Well, they can take away monuments of Soviet authorities and replace them with Georgian heroes but I doubt that all the stars and such other things need to be removed too.
Lali, Doctor, 35

Well, I agree, as I do not think they are needed or useful for the country. I do not think that the statue of Lenin or Stalin is acceptable in the country as they were great enemies of the county.
Natia, Journalist, 32

We washed our hands of the Soviet Union quite long ago and we should be free from their inheritance as well. The fact that we have lost Abkhazia and Samachablo is partly down to that regime. I do not think that young Georgian people have a soviet mentality and these symbols, which for them are associated with a dark period, are not needed.
Nugzar, Painter, 56

Whether we like it or not, the Soviet Union is our past and we will never be able to erase this past. Removing symbols is not very useful; the most important thing is what is being done in the country for peopleís prosperity. Moving of soviet symbols should not be a priority, when there are so many more serious issues in the country.
Gogi, Doctor, 61