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Are you affected by the reduction in the number of buses in Tbilisi?

Monday, November 1
“I saw a sign in the bus yesterday that it was changing its route. I was quite surprised with this because I think that the buses are always overcrowded in Tbilisi, especially during rush hours, and I would prefer if the municipality considered adding some more buses instead of decreasing their number in the city.”
Teona, Student, 22

“I don’t know if the limitations will affect to the buses I usually use, but I think generally it will worsen the situation in the capital city. I don’t really understand the reason why the city council made this decision.”
Ira, Housewife, 43

“I have not heard this news yet. If it is true then it is very bad because the buses will become even more overcrowded. I hope that the city officials have another option to offer to the residents of Tbilisi.”
Gurami, Unemployed, 62

“I have not mentioned yet, however, I think it will not be good as buses are really overcrowded and if their number is reduced the situation will be worse. In addition the number of buses from the suburbs to central districts should be increased. Sometimes I have to wait more than 30 minutes at the bus stop.”
Tea, Doctor, 41

“It is bad news, as definitely some drivers will be left without jobs. As far as I understand some bad things are ongoing in the Tbilisi Mayor’s office.”
Giga, Manager, 28

“If the number of yellow buses are reduced, it means that some changes are possible in the transport system in the capital. I hope that those changes will be positive and profitable for Tbilisi residents.”
Tatia, Bank Employee, 31

“Cutting buses in the capital means something seriously threatens everyday life. I mean those people who have bought the plastic cards, have learned how to use them in buses will find it difficult to get used to other life. I think it's unfair when the Government is thinking only about how to get money from unfamiliar projects like that.”
Eka, Psychologist, 46

“I am a pensioner with GEL 100 for my monthly pension and I wonder what I will have to do if the buses will be cut. It’s a great shame that nothing in this country is being done for the sake of ordinary people.”
Dimitry, Pensioner, 71

“Well actually I must say I don’t use either buses or metro in my everyday life as I have a difficult working style and I usually have to use a taxi to get to work early in the morning and be back home late at night. But I know that many people have been worrying about this initiative and I hope that alternative ways will be ensured by our Government for simplifying the lives of our citizens.”
Elene, Administrator, 28