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Wednesday, November 3
Rakia to sell Poti Port

UAE company, Rakia is to sell the port of Poti, Georgia, - Khater Massaad, head of the supervisory board of the company, exclusively told the Arab edition Zawia.

According to Massaad, the company plans to sell the shares of the port on international markets.

‘We are planning to exit this port with an IPO ... in 2011. It is not a strategic asset for us. If we can make money from selling something then why should we not do it?’ Massaad said. (Interpressnews)

Foreign Ministry trying to help Georgians arrested in Malaysia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia is trying to connect with the Malaysian government regarding the Georgian women detained in Malaysia.

A telephone conversation is scheduled between Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze and his Malaysian counterpart for today, Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze said at a special briefing yesterday. According to the minister, the first hearing of the case will be held on 4 November.

The Georgian Embassy to Ukraine has a direct contact with Malaysia and is trying to get more information, Nino Kalandadze added.

Surveys show Georgians’ high level of Confidence in the Government

All recent surveys have shown the high level of the Georgian population’s confidence in the political course of the government, stated the Georgian president’s press spokeswoman, Manana Manjgaladze stated about it at a briefing on November 2. According to her the surveys also demonstrated the population’s attitude on the issues important for Georgia.

“We should highlight several points - firstly the attitude of Georgian population to the political course of the government. The surveys showed that trust in the government is 62% and 74% of respondents support the government’s aspiration to join NATO. These are very serious figures especially prior to the Lisbon Summit,” Manjgaladze said.

She also mentioned the government did not create illusions for itself and was aware of all the current problems existing in the country. (Prime-News)

Ukraine not to use Wheat Export Quota with Georgia

Ukraine will not use wheat export quotas with Georgia, Russia, 9 other CIS countries and Macedonia.

The decision was made by the Ukrainian economic minister and the corresponding decision of the ministry has already been published. Ukraine has signed a free trade agreement with the countries mentioned above.

The Ukrainian government established export quotas on wheat (0.5 million tonnes), barley (0.2 million tonnes), and corn (2 million tonnes). The quotas are effective from 4 October to 31 December. (Interpressnews)

New National Curriculum to be launched in 2011

A newly approved National Curriculum will be launched in Georgian schools from September 15, 2011, stated the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dmitry Shashkin at a conference on November 2.

Initially, the new National Curriculum will be introduced at the first level (I-VI forms) and changes will be developed at the second and the third levels from 2012.

In accordance with the development of the new National Curriculum in schools, all approved textbooks will be replaced by new books approved by appropriate new regulations.

MES announced a tender for textbooks for I-VI forms according to the new approved regulation. The tender will last until March 2011. The tender for textbooks for VII-XII forms will be announced in November, 2011. (Prime-News)

“Love” Sculpture unveiled in Batumi

A steel sculptural composition “Love” was unveiled in Batumi, Adjara, on November 2. The revolving sculpture of a man and a woman was erected at the sea-front, near the city’s entrance.

The seven meter sculpture revolves every 7-8 minutes. The sculptor is Tamara Kvesitadze, a Georgian sculptor working in the US.

A scale model of the sculpture was exhibited in Europe and the US where it was rated highly by experts. (Prime-News)

Forensic expert arrested for bribery

An expert of the Forensic Expertise Bureau has been arrested on suspicion of bribery. According to the investigation, expert Merab Gakhokia extorted 600 GEL from a citizen for issuing a counterfeit medical report. The Ministry of Justice released the crime report.

“The investigation discovered that he [Gakhokia] tried to extort 600GEL from a citizen for giving the desired conclusion of a medical examination. Gakhokia is already in custody under pre-trial sentence. If found guilty he could face imprisonment of up to 9 years,” the head of the foreign relations department of the ministry, Nana Raphava told journalists. (Rustavi 2)