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Thursday, November 4
Republicans sweep control of House of Representatives

Republicans are celebrating victory after a sweeping takeover in the U.S. House of Representatives in Tuesday`s midterm elections, while Democrats were able to hang onto their majority in the Senate, but with reduced numbers.

With results still coming in, the extent of the Republican takeover of the 435-member House was still to be determined.

President Obama has already congratulated John Boner on the victory, who is supposed to chair the majority in the Congress.

Georgian lawmakers have commented on the elections in the United States and said whatever the result is; the relations between the United States and Georgia will remain the same. MPs say it makes no difference which political force has the majority in Congress, because the relations between the two states have been developing for many years and both the Republican and Democratic parties of the US are interested in partnership with Georgia.

The citizens of the United States residing in Georgia assembled in the Hotel Betsy all day and watched the process of elections on a large screen. They abstained from making a political prognosis, but hailed the democratic conduct of the elections. (Rustavi 2)

World Bank Has Approved Additional Financing For Georgia In Amount Of US$ 45 Million

The World Bank has approved additional funding for Georgia in the amount of US$ 45 million within a project (RMIDP) of regional and municipal infrastructure development.

Prime-News was told about it at the Tbilisi representative office of the World Bank.

The project on development of regional and municipal infrastructure was prepared after a Russian-Georgian war of August 2008.

The Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank approved the project on October 2, 2008.

Additional financing includes US$ 33.5 million allocated by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as well as US$ 11.5 million, allocated by the International Development Association in the form of a loan. (Prime-News)

Ukrainian Defense Minister Pay Visit To Tbilisi

Defense Minister of Ukraine Mikhail Yezhel is paying an official visit to Georgia on November 3-4.

A meeting with Mikhail Yezhel was held at the Georgian Defense Ministry on November 3.

Defense Minister of Ukraine met with the Minister of Defense of Georgia Bacho Akhalaia, visited Sighnaghi region (Eastern Georgia), laid a wreath at the memorial to the heroes, who died for unity and integrity of Georgia.

Ukrainian Defense Minister will also meet with representatives of the National Security Council of Georgia.

During the visit issues of bilateral cooperation in the defense sphere of the two states are discussed. (Prime-News)

Former prisoner returns from Egypt

The citizen of Georgia, Lasha Abramishvili, was released by Egyptian judiciary after the involvement of Georgian authorities in his criminal case, returns to Georgia today.

Abramishvili was sentenced to death by Egyptian law enforcers for killing a Bedouin, but the investigation found out afterwards, that Abramishvili and five other Georgian nationals were taken hostage by the Bedouin and that it was not a premeditated murder, but an act of self-defence.

Thanks to Abramishvili`s bravery, five other Georgians managed to escape from the captivity, but Abramishvili was detained and sentenced to death. Later, the prosecutor lifted the charges of premeditated murder and the defendant was released. The International Migration Organization assisted Georgian side to organize the return of the Georgian illegal immigrant from Egypt to Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

Foodstuffs to be Handed Over to Refugees in Kareli Region of Georgia

Students of No 8 public school of Kareli municipality will hand over foodstuffs to refugees resettled in the former vocational school’s building.

Schoolchildren have gathered vegetables and other foodstuff for IDPs.

The action, organized with an initiative of the Kareli Educational Resource Center has been already held for three years.

According to the head of the resource center Eka Mamidzhanashvili such actions contribute to the integration of internally displaced children and raising civic culture among students.

300 families of refugees are resettled in Kareli municipality and 112 families - are in the city of Kareli. (Prime-News)