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Do you intend to participate in the manifestations planned for November 7?

Thursday, November 4
To be honest, I am really fed up with the manifestations. If Georgia wants to be a democratic country, street rallies and manifestations should be stopped. The Opposition should realize that they must find some other way to really challenge the present authorities.
Gia, Painter, 29

What the present authorities did on November 7, 2007 was a crime against the Georgian people and they should answer for this. I will always take part in the manifestations against such activities.
Natela, Teacher, 51

November is the most symbolic month for me because it is associated with the broken hopes and violation of human rights. The manifestation planned on this date will be the symbolic recollection of activities carried out by the Georgian Government three years ago. I think all members of the civil society should stand along with the opposition parties just to express their disappointment with the current political or social processes in our country and show readiness to fight for their rights to the Government.
Salome, Interpreter, 24

I must confess I have participated in almost all the protest rallies in our country which had been aimed at simply improving the living conditions of the Georgian society but all in vain. The Government of Georgia is unfortunately against its people so I’ve got really tired of fighting with no results. I’m too old enough for these young games so I think I would just encourage my nation in my heart.
Erekle, Pensioner, 69

November 7 has played an important role in the life of Georgian society. It was the date when thousands of people shared their thoughts. I was among the people asking for human rights to be defended but our Government responded by shooting rubber bullets at us. Despite the fact that we have somehow failed in achieving our goals I must say I’m proud of being the part of the processes which will take an important place in the pages of modern Georgian history. Our children should know how their ancestors fought for their healthy ideologies.
Nikoloz, Musician, 28

I don’t intend to as I have no time, if it is a peaceful manifestation and will not create problems in the city, I am not really against. November and autumn, in general, is somehow a very strained period for Georgia and I hope that nothing serious will happen this year.
Tornike, Manager, 31

“I don’t think that rallies and manifestations have brought any good for Georgia so far. I have never participated in any of them and I am not going to participate on November 7 either. I think it is better for all of us do our own business instead of rallying in the streets every day.”
Alexandre, pensioner, 65

“I will participate for sure, because I was one of those people harmed by rubber bullets and teargas during November 7 crackdown 3 years ago. I think Saakashvili’s regime should be reminded of that shameful day every year.”
Gizo, driver, 48

“I am not planning to go. I am frustrated about the opposition lately – they talk a lot and do nothing. It is better not to waste time going to the rallies which end with nothing.”
Keto, housewife, 54