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Are you registered in any social network and what is attractive about social networks?

Friday, November 5
I am registered on several social networks but I dont use them as frequently as many of my acquaintances actually do because I dont find them interesting, on the contrary I think they have no sense.
Lika, Musician, 24

I am registered at a literature site which I use to share my poetry and read others opinions about them. There are a lot of young or even old unknown writers who need social support before arranging some literature evenings or editing books so such portals encourage them to make steps forward.
Irakli, Writer, 28

I said NO to all the social networks several years ago because I had been terribly attached to them. My morning started with facebook and ended with facebook. I chatted with friends, shared links, posted on walls, etc but one day I just found out that I had actually lost myself I was someone else not me! It may sound silly but its true and than I decided to stop with all the foolish things and start an ordinary life. Im happy that I did so, really happy!
Ilia, Psychologist, 35

I have an account on facebook and google buzz. Buzz I am using not so often, while my facebook is almost always open when I am at the PC. What I like about social networks is that you are always aware of what is going on in lives of your friends and relatives. Some of them you might be seeing face to face less than once a year, but thanks to facebook you know almost everything about them. I think this is great.
Maya, student, 19

I am using facebook and odnoklassniki. But I am not spending that much time surfing those websites. I open them randomly, like three times a week, just to see whats new with my friends. The attractive thing about social networks is the almost unlimited possibility to interact with your friends and colleagues. This is really awesome.
Tedo, lawyer, 26

I use facebook as a source of information. I find links to very interesting articles, movies, books and music, which maybe I would have never found if not for this social network. I even call facebook an information agency, as I get a lot of information from this website.
Khatia, journalist, 25

I dont use social networks, however almost all my friends are there and I intend to register there in the nearest future, as soon as I have my own personal computer. Mainly, most of them are on facebook and get information on some issues very quickly and I am often surprised.
Nino, Student, 18

I am not interested in it at all. I have my favorite websites and I use them if I have some free time. In general, I dont spend much time at computer, as I think that there are better things to do, than spend several hours at the computer.
Natia, Musician, 32

I am registered on Odnoklassniki and several days ago on facebook. I find both of them interesting and fun. As far as I can see, from facebook, some serious information might be received, and one can watch some videos and interesting things, which makes the site more interesting for me.
Giorgi, Footballer, 24