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Monday, November 8
Kachinsky and Bush names for unnamed tops of Kavkasioni

Rezonansi writes that two tops of Kavkasioni Mountain which are so far unnamed will be named after George W. Bush and Lech Kachinskey, the late Polish president. A MP from National Movement Koba Khabazi made a statement about that issue last week. According to him there are four tops of Kavkasioni Mountains which are unnamed and there are plans to name two of those tops in the near future, under the names of Bush and Kachinskey.

Will Democratic Movement and Georgia party cooperate?

Political analysts say that close cooperation between the Democratic movement and Georgian party is expected in the near future, Rezonansi reports. Experts say that both political parties' interests more or less coincide with each other and both of them think that, first, the Government should change after which elections should be held. Furthermore, they share a similar opinion towards Russia.

Neither the democratic movement nor Georgian party confirms that negotiations between their parties were taking place.

Twenty Prisoners Released Before Appointed Time

Twenty prisoners were released before their sentences had been served, due to the decision of United Council on November 5, Akhali Taoba reports.

According to the Ministry of Corrections, two women and two minors are among those released.

According to a new code on prisoners, local councils are set up in order to consider issues of the convicts early release. Instead of the Parole Commission, three councils will operate on the early release of prisoners.

The councils consist of the assistant of the Minister of Corrections, Probation and Legal aid, representatives of National Agency of probation, non-governmental organizations, the Supreme Council of Justice and local self-governing structures.

Representatives of the Council shall hold interviews with the convicts every three months and make a decision on the early release or extension of sentences.

Decisions of the Council are final and do not require a court decision, as it was in the case of Parole Commission.