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In your opinion, how will the arrest of the alleged Russian spies affect Georgian-Russian relations?

Monday, November 8
“According to the information released by the news agencies, Russian authorities have warned the Georgian side that they would react. I must confess I’m a bit worried because I wonder why the Georgian Government is allowing the media to publicly criticize the Russian special agencies. I mean we are never safe from Russian attacks and our Government had better think before ordering TV investigations.”
Leila, Pianist, 38

“Well I must say I am not at all familiar with this issue thus I can’t give some particular suggestions but Russia is still our enemy! Georgia once made a great mistake when it opened fire on Russian helicopters in August 2008 but bullets are sometimes not necessary for firing terror. I mean we had better live our quiet life and forget about all the local and international spies.”
Dmitri, Economist, 29

“The arrest of the alleged Russian spies will definitely have a negative effect on Georgian-Russian relations if they actually exist. I have heard that there were several Georgian citizens working for Russia which is a great shame! So I definitely condemn the public release of the details concerning the detention of the Russian representatives which to my mind endangers the Georgian statehood.”
Marekh, Political Analyst, 23

“Georgian-Russian relations are already so bad, that I don’t think anything can deteriorate them. Anyway, the arrest of four spies is not such a big issue I think. I don’t think any escalation of tensions between Tbilisi and Moscow due to this fact.”
Ia, PR specialist, 31

“Of course it will fuel Putin’s and Medvedev’s anger. However I don’t think any further actions will follow. As usual, the sides will make some nasty remarks about each other and that’s all.”
Giga, student, 22

“I think the Russian leadership will feel offended and angry. However, considering the fact that we have no diplomatic and economic relations with Moscow, I don’t think things can become worse than this.”
Teona, operator, 26

Well, I do not think it will further strain Georgian-Russian relations. The same situation happened already between Russia and the Americans, however the problem had been solved quite peacefully. I expect Russia to make some changes in the structure even though they have already failed several times in the field.
Nugzar, Translator, 32

I do not think that Russia will start another aggression against Georgia, as for relations, we already have very strained and negative relations with Russians. As for the spies, in my opinion there are too many people in Georgia from different countries and among the Georgian officials and politicians.
Gela, Musician, 29

I think that relations with Russia should be restored and I suppose that such events provide serious obstacles for this. To my mind, this event will not impact positively on the two countries' already bad relations.
Natela, Housewife, 51