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Tuesday, November 9
‘Russian Intelligence in Poor State’

The Russian intelligence service is in a poor state and needs reform. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili told a BBC journalist

According to Saakashvili, Georgia is unable not to react to Russian provocations and the spy scandal.

The BBC journalist said Georgia wants to renew relations with Russia and noted that the Georgian president became joyful while talking about the Russian spies.

‘Despite the wish and joy of Saakashvili, no improvement of Georgian-Russian relations is expected’, the journalist said.

The counter intelligence department of the Georgian Ministry of Interior Affairs released detailed information about operation ‘Enver’ on 5 November. According to the information, 4 Russian and 9 Georgian citizens were arrested and accused of working for the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate.

Russia Experiences another Failure

Georgian Foreign Minister, Grigol Vashadze calls the detention of Russian spies in Georgia ‘another failure of Russia’ and told journalists that the Georgian people had proved the Russian spy net would never again exist in Georgia.

According to Vashadze, on the one hand Russia tries to persuade everyone that it has no relations with spies, while on the other it alleges Georgia staged a provocation ahead of important international developments.

‘Russia is trying to draw attention away from the spy scandal to the OSCE summit, NATO summit, etc.,’ Vashadze said.

Police arrest Bribery Suspect

Kukuri Shonia, who is suspected of extorting USD110,000 has been detained by the police.

According to the Ministry Of Internal Affairs, Kukuri Shonia borrowed US$ 110,000 from Avtandil Iobidze and did not return this sum.

The suspect allegedly invited Avtandil Iobidze to the so called “thieves' discussion”, attended by wanted Malkhaz Aprasidze and Tariel Shonia.

As a result of verbal and physical pressure, Avtandil Iobidze was forced to deny the USD110,000 was his.

An operation is being conducted to arrest Malkhaz Aprasidze and Tariel Shonia.

Lithuanian Art Exhibition in "Karvasla"

Lithuanian artist and photographer Marius Abramavichus’ works will be exhibited in "Karvasla".

The exhibition, organised by the Lithuanian Embassy to Georgia, together with the National Museum of Georgia opened on November 8 at the Karvasla trade center.

55 photos and 25 paintings created in Georgia over two years will be displayed at the Tbilisi History Museum.

The traveling artist gives each country its own name. Georgia is “Home” for him.

The exhibition lasts until November 20.

Georgian embassy hosts Georgian wine party

A special event dedicated to Georgian wine was held at the embassy of Georgia in the United States. Foreign Diplomats and wine makers were invited to the event, which was accompanied by a photo exhibition about Georgia by the American photographer Jim Melor. He had taken photos of unique species of Georgian vines during his last visit to Georgia in September.

An American resident of Sighnaghi, Kakheti region John Wurderman presented his Georgian produced wine at the event. To close, a Georgian national folk band Zedashe performed national folk songs.
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