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November 7 – Global Judaism Study Day

By Talara Gelantia, News Agency Pirweli
Tuesday, November 9
In 2010 Jewish people celebrated this day in many countries all around the world. In Georgia the celebration took place at the Tbilisi Marriott Hotel, under the patronage of Jewish cultural-educational fund (headed by Helen Berkovich) and American Jewish joint distribution committee “Jont”.

“This day is very special for all Jews. The Torah is the historical book for our people. Wherever any of us is, we will keep the Jewish heritage, but without the book of Torah and Talmud it will become impossible. This book is the glue which binds all Jews together,” said the Ambassador of Israel to Georgia Mr. Yishaq Herbert.

According to the Ambassador of Israel to Georgia, during the entire century-old period of residence in Georgia, Jews have never felt any anti-Semite treatment from Georgians.

Mr. Zohar David, the Deputy Representative of American Jewish joint distribution committee “Jont” spoke of the importance of the Global Judaism Study Day.

“The Global Judaism Study Day is inspired by the historical achievements of the world renowned Jewish scientist and public figure Rav Adin Steinsaltz, and by his works, to which he dedicated 45 years of his life. The fact that Talmud became more comprehensive, is his merit” – said Zohar David.

Rav Adin Steinsaltz – teacher, philosopher, public critic and author of many books and scientific works, was born in Jerusalem in 1937, into a non-religious family. Later he studied physics and chemistry in a European university. “Time” magazine described him as “the type of thinker who is born once in a millennium”. His ancient work in the field of Jewish education was awarded the National Award of Israel – the highest symbol of recognition in his country.

“Mekor Chaim” – the school network, created by Rav Steinsaltz in Israel, is bringing up children starting from kindergarten age to the time of entering the “Yeshiwat Hesder” – the religious academy, where the students combine studies of the Torah with service in the Israeli Defense Army.

In 1965 Rav Steinsaltz began his monumental work of translation and commentary of the Talmud. 44 of the expected 45 books of this fabulous collection have already been printed. Rav Steinsaltz’ book “The Rose of thirteen petals” was first printed in 1980 and became the sample of modern Jewish classics; it has been translated into 8 languages. Rav Steinsaltz is the author of 60 books and hundreds of articles of the widest variety – from zoology to theology and political essays.

While working in the field of spiritual enlightenment in Israel, Rav Steinsaltz created the system of Jewish educational entities in post-Soviet countries. He was invited to execute scientific studies by W. Wilson International Relations Centre in Washington and by the Academic Institute of Princeton University. He was awarded with honorary doctorate degrees by Yeshiva, Ben-Gurion and Bar-Elan universities, as well as Brandice University and Florida International University. His current place of residence is Jerusalem.

At 3:00PM, the same time when Jews in countries around the word were saying a prayer, the Main Rabbi of Jews in Georgia Ariel Levin also conducted the ceremonial prayer rite together with his compatriots.