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Tuesday, November 9
Court process postponed in Malaysia

The Malaysian court will hold the hearing into the case of one of the 2 detained Georgian citizens, Darejan Kokhtashvili in the coming days. The court session should have been held on November 8 but it has been postponed, 24 Hours reports.

The court hearing into the case of another detained woman Babutsa Gordadze was held on November 4. She is accused of transporting drugs. Under Malaysian legislation a decision is not usually taken at the first hearing. Deputy Foreign Minister, Nino Kalandadze stated the situation has a little following the arrest of one of the detainees’ husbands, Eldar Davitiani.

“After questioning Davitiani, a husband of one of the detained Georgian women Babutsa Gordadze, we will have an opportunity to submit additional materials to the Malaysian court. We are successfully negotiating with a lawyer found in Malaysia and he will be able to attend the next hearing of the case," stated Kalandadze.

The 2 Georgian women are kept on different islands. The detainees were not permitted to make a phone call.

The Georgian Embassy in Ukraine is working with Malaysian diplomats regarding the issue.

The two Georgian citizens Darejan Kokhtashvili and Babutsa Gordadze were detained in Malaysia. They had about 11 kilograms of drugs hidden in picture-frames. One of the detainees was arrested at a Malaysian airport and the other - at a hotel.

According to Malaysian legislation drugs’ smuggling is subject to the death penalty.

Movement for Saving Dedaena

Students established a movement for Saving Dedaena (Georgian Language) and held a presentation of the new movement at the Dedaena monument in Tbilisi, which was attended by various Georgian writers and public figures, Kviris Palitra writes.

Beso Bakhtadze, leader of the newly established movement stated that there are a lot of gaps in the education system. In particular, the number of Georgian language classes (hours) has been reduced in schools and high grade textbooks consist mainly of stories or poems by foreign writers translated into Georgian, rather than those of Georgian writers. Bakhtadze said that in those books 70% of materials are by foreign writers and only 30% are by Georgians.

One topic they stressed was elementary programmes in schools and said that the emphasis is on learning foreign languages rather than Georgian. The youth movement did not invite any politicians to the presentation; however some did attend to support the initiative.