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How and where do you spend your free time?

Tuesday, November 9
Well actually I have so much work to do at my job that I have very little free time on work days. Working from early morning till late at night makes me feel sad but I used to find some time for chatting with friends at least online. Perhaps thatís my ordinary way of having fun.
Ia, Manager, 24

I always find free time for having fun with my friends. I donít like online games or such nonsense like other teenagers. Everyday I go to school, annoy my teachers and then go to football. I just want to be a real good football player and I work on my mood very seriously. Itís a real responsibility for me. Then at nights I sometimes go to club parties with my very best friends and drink some juices. Thatís all I think.Ē
Nikoloz, Pupil, 17

Being a housewife is often considered to be simple job but as a matter of a fact I have the greatest responsibility in my family. Children, husband, and parents Ė they all need a good care so I am almost always exhausted. Thank God there is a wonderful park nearby my house where I can spend my calm evenings after Iím done with all the house works.
Ketevan, Housewife, 48

I always spend my free time with my friends. We plan our weekend together and then go out, frequently on foot, as we usually choose Tbilisi areas. There are many interesting and beautiful places inside the city. Very often we go to Narikala and Mtatsminda.
Natia, Shop Assistant, 26

I like plays very much and I am a frequent visitor of Tbilisi theatres. I like Marjanishvili theatre most of all and I am always satisfied and excited with their performances. I advise everyone to spend their free time, even just one day a week going to the theatre, as it would be very profitable and useful for their knowledge.
Tamar, Teacher, 36

To tell the truth, I have no free time at all. I am an accountant and have to work all day long. Also I have two small children and they always want something, so when I have even some free hours have to satisfy their requests.
Tamta, Accountant, 29

I donít go out so much, because I am not employed yet and I have a limited amount of money to spend on my own. Whenever I have free time I watch TV, read books or magazines or surf the net.
Tatia, Student, 19

I meet up with my friends and we go either to the movies or to the theatre. I donít usually have much free time, so whenever I have it, I long to see my best friends. This happens usually on weekends.Ē
Gocha, Bank Employee, 26

I spend my free time with my grandchildren. I visit them at least once a week. Being with them fills me up with a lot of positive energy. Nothing compares to that.
Nineli, Real Estate Agent, 53