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An inspiring book

Thursday, November 11
The presentation of the Georgian translation of memoirs by Claude de Kemoularia 'Living with Open Wings' was held on November 8 at Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel. The book tells the story of the famous French diplomat, banker, public figure and descendant of Georgian emigrants. Claude de Kemoularia and his rich experience as ambassador to the Netherlands or to the United Nations Security Council, as a friend of French President Francois Mitteran, founder of the bank Paribas, with his contacts and connections with world policy makers, writes this book with the utmost professionalism. He displays a deep knowledge of the facts, remarkable analysis, and good sense of humor. This is a book worth reading, not only for the purposes of receiving information but for receiving the experience and vision of a professional, showing how one could achieve a career in France. The French book was translated into Georgian by Princess Veronika Murat, Shota Chabashvili and Mzia Gobechia.

The book can be purchased in the book store “Pepela”, 22, Kostava Street.