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EU considers Georgia strategic partner

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, November 11
As PM Nika Gilauri stated during the conference held in Brussels on November 4-5, which was dedicated to the prospects of development for the energy sector in Georgia, the EU described Georgia as a strategic partner in the energy sphere. This was the first time that such a declaration has been made in Georgia’s history. The PM highlighted that the EU is interested in developing hydro power energy in Georgia and that the EU encourages European businessmen to invest in the construction of a hydro power stations which would enable the country to export its electricity to European countries.

There is also another area in which the EU plans to further increase cooperation with Georgia. This is, specifically the prospect of transmitting natural gas through Georgia. The major project which is being discussed in this regard is NABUCCO, the second project is the conveyance of liquefied gas to Romania, third to Bulgaria, and the fourth project is the so-called White Stream connecting Georgia with Ukraine. The PM is optimistic that these potential projects will create extra jobs and increase Georgia's significance on the international scene.