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Do you think exams in each school subject at 12th form will increase the average level of schoolchildrenísí education?

Thursday, November 11
I think if the whole 12 years of studies is well-planned for the pupils they will obtain relevant knowledge at each grade. But as a matter of a fact, the 12th form has been recently added to schools so the reorganizational activities hadnít ensured balanced lessons.
Elene, musician, 28

Well actually, I had 11 grades at school but I have managed to get relevant knowledge and succeed at my university exams. They were the first United National Exams by the way so I think that the only thing which should be obviously ensured at schools is a well planned schedule. I mean the books and other necessary materials should be specified according to the age and level of the children thus they will be motivated to learn more.
Giorgi, Economist, 33

Exams are a form of checking otherís knowledge and they are definitely necessary for everyone but I doubt that children who are now at 10th, 11th or 12th forms will manage to overcome even the simplest questions. I mean those children have been used to times when the teachers used to award marks because of their kindness. So I think that exams will have at least a psychological affect on them and increase their grasp of responsibility.
Lia, Teacher, 45

Well, I think that the education level at schools should be increased, as the situation is really awful at present. Schoolchildren do not know even very simple things. However, I donít think that so many exams should be recommended.
Teona, Manager, 28

Exams, by themselves, are not enough to increase the pupilsí education level. There are a lot of pupils who have no idea what the word 'freedom' means. They think that they can say everything they wish. So, an increase of cultural learning for the pupils is also very much needed.
Malkhaz, Historian, 41

I donít agree. There should be some other measures in this field. For example, exams at the end of each semester, and in the first semester only of the 12th form; practically, we have no time to prepare accordingly for the national exams.
Tamuna, Pupil, 17

At the present moment I can not say this. Everything will be unraveled step by step, when this system comes into force and those exams are held. In general, I think that 10 exams are too much; exams should be held in the basic subjects only and several months earlier than the national exams.
Giorgi, Administrator, 43