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Friday, November 12
Corruption risks in healthcare programmes

Finance Minister, Kakha Baindurashvili told journalists that there were corruption risks in some programmes in the healthcare sector, therefore they have been reviewed.

The Minister informed representatives of NGOs on the priorities of the state budget for 2011 at a meeting of the parliamentary finance and budget committees.

According to him, the main goal of programmes in the healthcare sector was optimisation, he said, “Every lari spent should reach the patient and those people who need it. There were programmes in healthcare that included the corruption risks.” (Prime-News)

Christian-Democrat Leaders in USA

Leaders of the Christian-Democratic Movement, Giorgi Targamadze and Nika Laliashvili are holding closed consultations at the State Department, National Security Council, Congress and Senate in the USA.

Leaders of the party were invited by the Americans to visit the country and will discuss the situation in Georgia. A “Round table” will be held as part of the trip at which Giorgi Targamadze will deliver a speech.

Organisers of the event are the National Democratic Institute (NDI), and influential non-governmental organisations. (Prime-News)

Free Tax Training for entrepreneurs

Tbilisi City Hall announced that together with the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, it has begun a new project, “Knowledge for business success” - free of charge training for traders of metropolitan markets on the new tax code.

“Knowledge of the tax code is necessary for each small entrepreneur for their relationship with the tax authorities and with consumers. Knowledge of the tax code will help them to conduct a profitable business legally,” read a statement.

The training course includes a number of topics including tax reporting, income tax, profit tax, VAT, etc.

Tbilisi mayor Gigi Ugulava attended a training held on November 11. (Prime-News)

Prisoners to have right to video meetings

All prisoners, except those convicted of serious crimes will have the right for video meetings with their relatives. A bill has been prepared by the Legal Committee of Parliament.

According to the amendments to the Code on prisoners, convicts will be able to communicate with their relatives and family members using webcams.

According to a member of the Legal committee Andro Alavidze interested persons should address the probation office with the appropriate application and if permission is received the video meeting will be held over internet using the internal network. Prisoners will be entitled to this 8 times a month.

The cost of the service will be determined by the Ministry of Corrections, probation and legal assistance. According to Alavidze, one minute will cost 1 lari and the visits will be 15 minutes. (Prime-News)

Mass Christening Ceremony by Catholicos-Patriarch

The head of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II will hold the fourteenth mass baptism of children. The Christening ceremony of 340 children will take place at Holy Trinity Cathedral on November 21.

The ceremony coincides with the religious holiday "Mtavarangelozoba" (Holy day of Main Angels).

Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II announced his intention to baptize the third and next children of families in January of 2008; the head of the Georgian Orthodox church is godfather to about 7000 children. (Prime-News)