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If you were a businessman in which field would you invest in Georgia?

Friday, November 12
“I have never thought about it, but I think I would most definitely invest in the educational system and improve the situation in the system.”
Nino, Manager, 25

“I would invest in the food industry – it is so important for each country to ensure the safety of products within the country.”
Temur, Journalist, 38

“I think there are lots of fields in need of serious improvements in Georgia. Being a businessman I would have first of all started with the agricultural sector. I mean the peasants need appropriate plots, tools, machines for working on their territories… It would be a very positive step for the country and I wish that those, who are really responsible for the successful development of our country, would invest in this very field.”
Mamuka, Doctor, 45

“I would probably invest in tourism. Putting money in thematic trip management in different regions of the country is the part of the touristic development which I think hasn’t been considered yet. As I know, other countries have many business examples in this field so why not to try the same in Georgia?”
Sopho, Writer, 23

“I would invest in agriculture, as I think that this field is very profitable. Georgian land is very fertile and investment would necessarily be profitable, as for me, as for the Georgian agriculture.”
Giorgi, Economist, 23

“If I were a businessman I would invest in tourism as this field is developing now and is very much supported by the authorities. Also, I would invest in real estate; in my opinion this field is also very profitable.
Tamuna, Teacher, 29

“I would invest in the food industry, as this is a field which is always real and needed, and for Georgians it is really a very important direction.”
Tamaz, Driver, 27

“I think that educational field would be profitable, as education is always needed and in general, parents have always done their best to give a good education to their children.”
Giorgi, Writer, 41

“Well, in tourism I think. In general, I have never thought about the issue and do not think there is a nice environment for business development in Georgia. It is frequently said that here is an excellent means for investments, however, if it is like this, why do the investors avoid coming here?
Nino, Doctor, 51