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What do you think about the Georgian Parliament moving from Tbilisi to Kutaisi?

Monday, November 15
Well, to tell the truth I have no idea why the authorities have made such a decision. I think that it is absolutely useless. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi and one of the most important buildings for the country should stand there.
Nino, Manager, 27

It will be very difficult for those parliament members who live in Tbilisi. It is not really very easy to go from the eastern part of the country to the west to attend parliamentary sessions. Also I think that there will be more useless expenses in the state budget, as accommodation and some other things should be allocated for those politicians from the state budget.
Gia, Economist, 32

I think this decision would increase the potential of the countryís second largest city, Kutaisi. I consider that it was a right decision. Many Georgians try to live in Tbilisi and the number of Tbilisi residents is growing from year to year, this statistics should be changed.
Nugzar, Historian, 48

I donít know what to say, at the present moment it is difficult to speak whether it is a right decision or not. Also people don't have enough information on the issue. I hope that everything would be known for us in detail and then I will be able to comment properly.
Nutsa, Nurse, 34

I consider that there was no need for such decision. Too many funds will be spent on the building and those finances might be used for more necessary issues and problems.
Natia, Cashier, 24

I think it is very important to move some things from Tbilisi to Georgiaís regions, because the capital is becoming enormously overcrowded. I donít really know what will be the benefit of moving the Parliament to Kutaisi in particular, but I don't think it is something negative anyway.
Nata, Music Teacher, 30

The only outcome of this decision will be increased expenses of transportation of Parliament members back and forth between Tbilisi and Kutaisi, plus the cost of the construction of a new Parliament building. I donít really like this idea.
Levan, Distributor, 35

I am from Kutaisi by origin and I am sure that the fact that Parliament will at least partially be moved there will make the city life more intensive. More people will arrive and the locals will have more job opportunities. I was very happy and proud to hear the Presidentís decision on this matter.
Onise, Sportsman, 24

I would be more pleased to hear that some new factory or even a small enterprise is opening in Kutaisi. People desperately need jobs, especially in the regions of Georgia. Something should be done urgently to solve this problem. Otherwise we will end up with more than half of the gifted Georgian youngsters fleeing the country.Ē
Ineza, Housewife, 50