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According to which criteria do you choose products and are the present prices affordable for you?

Wednesday, November 17
“Well, I first of all quality is important for me; it is better for me to pay more and they are healthy and safe, rather than pay little and find myself in hospital. As for the present prices, I think they are too high and do not take into account the present economic situation and conditions of the people at all.”
Zviad, Manager, 29

“I do not have a high salary and accordingly have no opportunity to spend much on products. I always try to buy products at a reasonable, for this I prefer markets where the people from villages come and sell their products. These products are much more healthy than those sold in the supermarkets, to my opinion and their price is lower.”
Natela, Teacher, 54

“I frequently buy essential items in the hypermarket, as I am sure of the quality of those products and the brands which are stocked. Also there is a wide choice compared to some other markets.”
Giga, Businessman, 32

“I try to buy good quality products, unfortunately however the prices of high quality goods are much higher and sometimes even unaffordable for me and my family. I am trying to buy fresh and natural foods and cut down on clothes.”
Lela, Accountant, 51

“My salary does not allow me choose between good and bad. I buy whatever I can afford – this is the reality I am facing right now. And I am not the only one who is in this situation, unfortunately.”
Vera, Pensioner, 67

“Food prices have gone up extremely during the last two months. If nothing is done about it, soon we will not be able to buy even the basic necessities. I think the government should tackle this problem as soon as possible.”
Iamze, Housewife, 43

“I prefer to buy natural Georgian products. But unfortunately there are not many options. It would be better to pay more attention to the agricultural sector and open factories to produce Georgian products.”
Maiko, Housewife, 45