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Thursday, November 18
Russian Builders on Strike in Akhalgori

Due to the Russian builders’ strike in Akhalgori, construction works of military bases have ceased, Akhalgori residents say, 24 Hours reports.

Namely, the building process has stopped in the villages of Balaani and Tskhavati.

“Military bases are being built by the Russian company “Spetsstroy”. The strike was due to arrears of wages”, Akhalgori residents said.

Building of the military premises in Balaani and Tskhavati started in spring. Balaani is located several kilometers from Mleta village of Kazbegi district while Tskhavati is situated at 20 km from Akhalgori in Ksani ravine, bordering Kazbegi district.

According to 2002 statistic data, 44 people used to live in the village, but after the Akhalgori occupation it is practically unpopulated.

Somali Pirates Threaten to Sink Ship and Kill Sailors

Greenwich, the owner of a ship seized by Somali pirates with Georgian sailors aboard, plans to sell two of its vessels to rescue the Georgian sailors, 24 Hours reports.

According to Greenwich Director Sergo Devadze, negotiations have reached deadlock. The Company lawyers made their final offer to the pirates but the sum appeared to be unacceptable and the pirates threatened to sink the ship and kill the Georgian sailors.

Family members of the captured sailors are holding an action at Adjara Supreme Council applying for help.

The relatives of the captured sailors are concerned about the information they received a few days ago. Family members say the pirates have threatened to kill the crew and wreck the ship unless they are paid the demanded ransom in two days.

The sailor`s relatives also say that the pirates treat them brutally.

There are 15 Georgian nationals on the board the hijacked ship.