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If the transport fee is increased how would it impact on your family budget and might this issue fuel further street rallies?

Thursday, November 18
I think this will become a serious reason for wide scale protest rallies in our country because we have been accepting the Government’s “innovative ideas” during all these years. I totally suggest that we should remind the Government to think more of their people, not international standards, because each country is different and should have its own regulations.
Elene, Doctor, 28

Everything in our country has been implemented against the citizens because the Government of Georgia is always forgetting to consider the people’s interests and needs. The growth of transport fee would become a serious problem for many of us but I doubt that the protest rallies will make the Government change their decision – they always do whatever they like!
Gia, Psychologist, 52

I don't have much free time to spend at the street rallies however I don't think that the transport fee should be raised. I think that the current cost of bus and metro tickets are quite reasonable and should not be raised...
Temur, Journalist, 25

It would be very negative for my family. As far as I understand, the transport fee would be doubled, which is really horrible and unacceptable step from the present authorities. Despite it, there is really extremely bad economic condition in the country; people even can not buy bread. I hate street rallies, however if they make a difference I would go out in the street.
Davit, Engineer, 41

How can it be reflected positively? The authorities have already grown the transport fees and now they are trying to do this again. Everything becomes too expensive in the country compared to our economic situation. When unemployment is the main problem of the country, when salaries are really low and in such situation you increase the fees on transport you hate your people.
Tinatin, Teacher, 54

It is really a very unacceptable decision. There are so few jobs in the country. There are a lot of poor and extremely poor families; income of the middle level families is also insufficient at the same time, as for rich ones, they do not need municipality transport at all. The opposition and the people must demand that the authorities don't do this. I will take part in the street rally, if such a decision is made.
Giorgi, Painter, 34

“I don’t believe that the government will dare to increase transport fees after cutting the number of busses in Tbilisi. This is ridiculous. What are they trying to do, to make all of us leave Georgia? If prices on transport are increased I am definitely going to go to the street to protest against this change.”
Dali, shop assistant, 45

“I was quite shocked to hear this news. I heard the Mayor’s office denied this information today. So, let’s hope that these rumors are not true. Otherwise my family will really very negatively affect my family’s budget, because all 5 members of the family use public transport at least twice a day.”
Gia, construction workman, 36

“Of course, we should all rally against these recent changes in Tbilisi’s transport system. The government officials should not develop a feeling that they can do whatever they want and go unpunished for their actions.”
Nina, lecturer, 59