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Friday, November 19
Irakli Alasania Meets Advisors of US President

Irakli Alasania, leader of Free Democrats party, has met with Michael McFaul, U.S .Presidentís advisor for Russian affairs, and Elisabeth Sherwood-Randal, advisor for Europe and Eurasian affairs, 24 Hours reports.

Alasania talked about the election environment, constitutional reform, negotiations with the government and the persecution of businessmen in Georgia.

Irakli Alasania also met with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Tina Kaidanow at the US Department of State. The main topics of the meeting were the election environment and media freedom.

ĎWe talked about the negotiations on the improvement of the election environment in Georgia at meetings in the White House. It was emphasized that democratic development of Georgia has been defended at the negotiations. Thatís why the White House and Department of State will monitor the process. The government must be changed in Georgia through electionsí, Alasania said.

In addition, Irakli Alasania will deliver a speech at Columbia University. Alasaniaís visit to the USA will end on 23 November.

Shooting at Ditsi

According to residents of Ditsi, Gori district there have been intense shootings and explosions in separatist-controlled territories for 3 days now, 24 Hours reports.

Ditsi village is located at the so called border area. Ditsi and Ossetian agricultural plots are situated side by side and shooting has been heard at all hours of the day.

As one of the residents Nodar Mdzinarashvili says, they arenít aware of the reason for the shooting and the population is appealing to the Government for help. The local residents are anxious about the situation and presumably they will evacuate children from the village.

As Head of Shida Kartli Regional Police Vladimir Jugheli told InterPressNews, shooting is part to trainings conducted by the armed forces of the Tskhinvali regime and Russian occupants.