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Monday, November 22
Amendments to 2010 State Budget adopted by Parliament

A bill of amendments to the current year budget was adopted at a plenary session of Parliament on November 19, Akhali Taoba reports.

The 2010 state budget will be increased by GEL 97 million. GEL 16 million out of the 97 million will be added to the budget of Georgian Public Broadcasting, GEL 11 million was allotted to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection for rehabilitation and equipping hospitals.

GEL 77 million is planned for the construction of high voltage electric mains; the figure includes foreign investment and grants. The Ministry Of Economy and Sustainable Development will receive an additional GEL 12 million for advertising winter resorts.

Sochi Winter Olympic Games must be relocated

“We must do our best to inform the international community of the necessity of holding Sochi Olympic Games in another country,” announced Shota Malashkhia, the head of Temporary Committee for Territorial Integrity Restoration issues to journalists.

A joint session of the Foreign Relations Committee, Committee for Relations with Compatriots Residing Abroad and Temporary Committee for Territorial Integrity Restoration is being held in Parliament. The discussions refer to the 2014 Sochi winter Olympic Games.

According to Shota Malashkhia 3 negative factors against holding the Olympic Games in Sochi – ecological, safety and historical, will be emphasised. The session is attended by representatives of MOF, Ministry of Sport, Diaspora and Environmental Protection, also members of Abkhazian government and Supreme Council.