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Do you sew clothes with Georgian designers?

Monday, November 22
Well, in general I think that Georgian fashion is developing step by step and lately there have been some positive moves in this direction. We have some really talented designers and there is demand on them from foreign countries. I recently sewed a dress with one quite famous designer in Georgia and I am very satisfied.
Nutsa, Manager, 28

I have never had sewed anything with designers, however I think that it is good when one has an opportunity to be dressed in different and original clothes. I hope that my financial means will enable me to visit a designer soon.
Giorgi, Student, 21

Unfortunately I have no such opportunity as my income does not enable me to sew exclusive clothes with designers. I always try to buy comfortable and fashionable clothes taking my income into consideration, as visiting a designer is rather expensive. I prefer to buy off the peg clothes.
Nata, Teacher, 43

I always address designers for this. I hate it when you go out and three or more women are wearing the same dress or shirt as you have on. Also, I like Georgian designers and their works.
Tamuna, Actress, 24

I have no money to order exclusive clothes by Georgian or any other designers. I usually go to open markets to find suitable clothing for me and my family. I know that those clothes are not as nice as those made by good designers; however I buy whatever I can afford.
Nineli, Textile Engineer, 55

I bought one dress by Avtandil for my school graduation ceremony. It is a very nice one and I have worn it on every important occasion since then. Unfortunately I have no money to buy another one again, although I like Avtandilís dresses a lot.
Irina, Student, 23

I like the style that Bichola offers. It is very original, unusual and trendy. I like his accessories most of all and I am actually thinking to buy a ring or a necklace. But first of all I should find out about prices. I am not rich enough to spend a lot of money on jewelry.
Maka, Accountant, 24

I like to create my own style, so I donít usually buy or order anything from designers. I prefer to make my own clothes myself and my friends actually like how I dress. No need to spend money on something that you can make yourself.
Maya, Student, 20