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Moscow predicts energy diversification expensive for the EU

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, November 24
Moscow seems to be very concerned about the recent steps of the EU to diversify its energy sources. Hence it tries to secure its own route. Russia “wants to save EU extra efforts because it cares for them.” Russia’s concern was aired by Russian Energy Minister Sergey Shatko within the framework of Russia-EU energy dialogue. Shatko offered the EU deeper partnership and cooperation and wants the EU to trust Russia as a stable partner. EU representative and Commissioner in Energy Issues, Gunter Etinger mentioned that there are no problems between the EU and Russia though there appear certain economic interests. According to him, diversification of sources and increase of competition is the general goal for the EU. He considers it normal when there are different sources of supply either through Russia or using alternative sources or routes. Maybe they are competing, but in the long run both of them are needed, thinks the EU official.