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Wednesday, November 24
Russian occupiers detain four Georgians

Russian occupiers from Gali region arrested four citizens gathering nuts near the village of Otobaia, 24 Saati reports.

Apsnypress information agency reported on the incident according to information provided by the Russian border guards. According to Interpressnews agency the detainees intended to transport nuts to Georgian controlled areas. Russian militants handed them to the Abkhazian De Facto Security Service, stating that they are successfully serving for so called State Border Control task and are controlling every displacement.

Investigation about pharmacies continues

According to Georgian labour, health and social defense Minister, Sandro Urushadze, research into pharmacies continues, Sakartvelos Respublika reports. The Minister stated that if a Ministry of Finance team finds violations against the limitations on the psychotropic medications in a pharmacy, then the investigative department will take corresponding measures, and a report will be issued upon completion on the inquiry. As a reminder, the investigative department of The Ministry of Finance tests up to ten sales networks. Apparently the reason for psychotropic drugs is the defiance on the set up limitations.

Ambassador rotation planned

The Ministry of foreign affairs is planning the rotation of ambassadors sent abroad, Sakartvelos Respublika writes. At Monday’s press conference Nino Kalandadze, deputy foreign affairs minister announced that the terms for several ambassadors are about to expire.

“The terms of several ambassadors time expire soon, but we do not intend to lose any of them. Every diplomat will be employed; we are simply planning to rearrange them,” announced Nino Kalandadze. In addition she explained why ex-plenipotentiary Batu Kutelia was sent from the USA and stated that it was not because of any dissatisfaction with his achievements.

“There was one specific reason. When it was decided Giga Bokeria would be appointed Chairman of the Security Council, he told us he wanted Batu Kutelia as his deputy,” Kalandadze noted.