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In your opinion, which is the most unprotected social group in today’s Georgia?

Wednesday, November 24
I think pensioners are the most unprotected because they are given GEL 100 a month which the Government thinks is enough to cover all their needs. It is just unfair – those people need most of our care indeed!
Tamta, Psychologist, 29

Pupils are facing lots of challenges in Georgia today which they can hardly deal with… I mainly mean the undergraduates who have tens of subjects to pass in their school-leavers exams. I think the Government should be kinder towards them – the hopes of our future.
Ilia, Lawyer, 44

There are lots of unprotected groups in our country nowadays: doctors, teachers, even lawyers, etc. I can’t even count them all – because I doubt we are all unprotected in many ways and need more attention.
Mzia, Housewife, 59

Our authorities claim that human rights are protected in our country and everything is being done for a better future, but, if our rights are protected why do we have to live in such awful economic conditions? Only those who have money and significant incomes are protected all other groups are more or less unprotected.
Giorgi, Engineer, 45

I think children and the old. There are no serious programmes for poor children, for their education and future success. There are no developed social services in this direction in the country. Very, simply, it is a violation of children’s rights when at midday and in the evening there are such programmes and films which are not useful for their psychics. As for the elderly, there should be more shelters for them with acceptable conditions.
Lali, Teacher, 34

A large proportion of Georgian citizens do not have a feeling of protection, in my opinion. There are serious obstacles in this direction. I am a refugee and I think that this social direction is very much unprotected; we are practically leveled to ordinary citizens, when we have more problems than those who have not seen war and have not met with such tragedies and terrible things we had to.
Temur, Refugee, 51

It will be easier for me to name the group which is secure – this is the ruling elite. All other groups are unprotected at some point. However, the most unprotected part of society is the elderly. They get a miserable pension, which is not enough to buy even just some of the medicines they need daily.”
Tina, Kindergarten teacher, 63

In my opinion those below the poverty line are the most vulnerable and unprotected. Although there are monthly allowances allocated for them by the government, I don’t think it is enough to live a normal life.
Mari, Nurse, 27

I think the most unprotected groups of society in Georgia are the minorities – religious, ethnic or sexual. Although we like to say that we are a tolerant nation, in reality we are quite far from being a real tolerant society. I think people need to get more education and to open their minds in order to accept people who are different from the majority.
Eka, Student, 21