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How would you assess Mikheil Saakashvili’s speech at the European parliament?

Thursday, November 25
Well, to my mind his speech was good, he touched upon all significant issues for the country, and as far as I could understand people listening to his speech liked it. However, the most important thing is the practical outcome, which is not clear yet, unfortunately.
Davit, Architect, 42

He is always brilliant in his speeches; he does not even need some papers to read from, which is a real gift. I think that his speech and his later activities have been effective and from an international viewpoint we made one more step forward.
Nutsa, Marketing Manager, 29

He can speak very well, this is a fact. What kind of president he is, it is another question. I am more interested in results than verbal aspects.
Giorgi, Painter, 34

“I think it was a very emotional speech which covered many problematic issues of Georgia. I do not share the opinion of some opposition politicians who criticise this address. I think it is important that our president shows the international community that Georgia does not want war.”
Nana, interpreter, 26

“He said nothing new or surprising. He has called on Russia to start negotiations several times before as well. So I was expecting him to reiterate this call at the European Parliament as well. It is very tiring to see everyone speaking about that speech now on TV, in papers and in the street.”
Tengo, unemployed, 41

“I don’t really follow Saakashvili’s speeches. Every day he gives a speech somewhere – in Georgia or abroad. And he keeps on saying the same things every time. It is becoming annoying.”
Zhana, housewife, 37