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Russia cannot afford to lose Armenia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, November 29
Vice President of the Russian Academy for Geopolitical Issues, Araik Sarkisyan talked about the possible aggravation of the situation in the South Caucasus. He was hinting on the possibility of starting military hostilities in Karabakh. Sarkisyan thinks that Russia should support Armenia because if it does not do so it will lose the South Caucasus as well as Northern Caucasus up to Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. The Russian Academy vice President of Armenian origin paints an apocalyptic picture for Russia if it does not support Armenia. Sarkisyan thinks that losing Karabakh is not in Russia’s interests as then radical Islam will be flourishing at Russia’s Southern borders, while Armenia itself should rely only on its own strength as nobody will sacrifice their lives apart from Karabakh and Armenian soldiers.